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this is not the end, this is not the beginning
the hardest part of ending is starting again
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14th-Nov-2025 10:36 pm - friends - only
chaz mike

comment to be added.

personal journal and art/photgraphy blog.
fandoms: linkin park, zelda, gundam wing & more.
19th-May-2013 10:23 pm - is anyone still here?
chaz mike
Thinking of dusting off this ol' gal and posting again. Tumblr just doesn't do it for me for a personal journal. So...anyone still on here?
8th-Feb-2012 02:24 pm - 2012!
chaz mike

I was reading through my old entries and figured I'd update y'all on a few things!

about the robbery
I can't believe it's been a whole year since that whole thing. Over this past summer, in June or July, I attended the court hearing where the man who robbed me was sentenced. I was one of four cases against him, all of which involved a robbery. On the other 3 cases, he was sentenced 6 years to be served concurrently. On my case, he was sentenced 7 years to be served consecutively, and was charged 3 more years because of a gun specification charge (at the time of my robbery, he was prohibited from carrying or being near any kind of firearm). That brought him to a total of 16 years in prison. I am so happy that this time, the justice system did its job and put a terrible man behind bars for a long time. The judge saw right through his sob story of having a rough life.

Not much to update on this really. Finishing up my second-to-last year this semester. Can't wait to graduate next spring!!!!

I actually just got hired into a new job as a customer service rep for Invisible Fence making 11.50 an hour yesterday! I am SO excited to be leaving the service industry!!!! I got a drug test done today and I start training on Monday the 20th. Yay!

Bob is the best. Nuff said :) <3

Um so yeah. That about sums things up right about now. I'm still reading all of your posts though I might not comment on them! Love you all! :)

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11th-Aug-2011 02:41 pm - summer is almost over :(
chaz mike

I said that I was gonna be a better LJer but here I am slacking again! Not too much has been going on...just enjoying my summer with my friends!

Some random things...

Alexis and I have been playing DDR again. I've lost a few pounds over the summer and it feels great. I'm not to my goal by any means but I feel a lot better about myself.

I can't believe that Rachel's wedding is only a few months away! I really need to get my ass in gear in writing my speech and all lol. I'm meeting up with her this weekend to talk about everything. I think we finally picked out a maid of honor dress for me haha. I gotta order it soon so it can be altered in time if need be!

A few weeks ago myself, Bob, Caitlin and Brian went to Cedar Point and Put-in-Bay. Cedar Point got rained out but PIB was a lot of fun, the best part being when we went jet skiing. All in all it was a great weekend. I love that Bob and Brian were friends before any of us started dating. It just makes it a lot easier to do couple related things...which I have never really gotten to do before.

Speaking of, things with Bob are great. I spend most of my nights at his place...he works from 7am till about 5 or 6 monday through friday so besides having one day off together on the weekends thats mostly when I can see him. He officially said "I love you" (sober lol) the Sunday morning after we got back from Put-in-Bay. :) I met his mom and her boyfriend a couple of weeks ago and I think she likes me. She invited us to the county fair on Friday but I have to work of course. :( He has been a HUGE help to me this past week because he fixed my breaks (using his work discount so I only paid $90 for it all) and then fixed my car again after another break-related issue happened that made my car undriveable (boo for tow trucks lol). We get along really well and he's just amazing. :) <3

After a little confusion, I got everything squared away for this semester. I ended up getting approved for $17,000 in financial aid this year. I know that that's a lot of money to take out in loans, but my plan is to use this money to pay off ALL of my credit card debt (which comes out to be about $5,000) so that after I graduate I can consolidate my loans and only worry about one monthly payment for everything. $4,500 of it is actually a Pell Grant that I don't have to pay back so I'm really only taking out $12,500, and since all my loans are federal ones the interest shouldn't be too bad. Also, after paying tuition, books, and my credit card bills I should still have money left over to use for summer classes so I'm not too overwhelmed my last year in college. The day I walk for graduation will be the happiest day of my life I swear lol.

Before paying everything off I took advantage of a credit increase, splurged and bought an iPad. I LOVE it haha. I was gonna spend almost as much on a Netbook for school when my brother suggest I get a tablet instead since they can do everything a netbook can and more (plus he said he doubts net books will even be around for very much longer because of the tablet). I'm actually typing this entry from it right now :) I got the cheapest one, 16 gig no 3G just WiFi since I have a 3G phone and didn't want to worry about yet another plan.

Well that is all that has been going on in my life recently. I hope you all are doing great as well :)

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12th-Nov-2010 04:10 pm(no subject)
adam b&amp;w
Hm, it's been a while LJ! Just some quick updates about my life:

+ Bill quit Outback. He was working himself to death with 10-12 hour days 7 days a week for a long time and he just got fed up. I wish he would have at least put his two weeks in and also had found a job before leaving, but he said he just couldn't do it anymore. I have no doubt he will find a job easily and excel at wherever he ends up. Also, I'm glad to see my boyfriend for more than an hour a day. :)

+ Bill's brother Nate is getting married in a few weeks (December 11th). The wedding is in Columbus so I'm hoping to have some extra time to visit my old roommates from Ohio State. I'm excited though, I haven't been to a wedding in so long! I picked out a real cute dress with Caitlin a few weeks ago, its plum-purple with black lacey designs on it. I'll certainly have plenty of pictures!

+ School is going well. Thanksgiving break is coming, yay!

+ Jack is also doing well. He's gotten a little bigger, but is still a little guy. I'll have to post some pictures of him sometime soon as well. :)

+ I dyed my hair (again lol) back to brunette....I'm staying like this though. Red is awesome bu fades too quickly and I'm done killing my hair with dying it so much. Time to rebuild it's health lol.

I can't really think of anything else...Until next time!
12th-Sep-2010 11:11 am - just defendin' my boyz
chaz mike
This is a super huge rant related to Linkin Park, no one will probably read it but I just have to get it off my chest!Collapse )

EDIT: Fuck, or you can just read this review on the album...that guy says it much better than I do!
21st-Oct-2009 03:45 pm - next month :)
chaz mike
November is going to be such a busy month!!!

Nov 5 - Bill's birthday
Nov 7 - Bryan's birthday (he's having his birthday/basketball fundraiser at Cleats)
Nov 14 - My birthday of course :D
Nov 15 - Miley Cyrus concert with my niece Kara
Nov 16 - a co-workers birthday, he's having a party
Nov 20 - NEW MOON!!
Nov 21 - OSU vs Michigan
Nov 26 - Thanksgiving
Nov 27 - Eternal Legacy CD release party
Nov 30 - Kayleigh's 1st birthday :D

All this and probably about a million things to do for school....FML haha. I'll have Bill's birthday off because its a Thursday, and I requested my birthday weekend off as well as the EL concert (that's a Friday) but I'll most likely have to work the days of my brother's birthday and the OSU vs Michigan game because they are both Saturdays. & I can't believe my niece Kayleigh will be one! Seems like she was just born!

Mehmeh I'm off to watch the episode of House I missed Monday <3
18th-Apr-2009 11:05 am - i want a coooooooooooooow
chaz mike
Happy Birthday to my boyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
I know he drives me crazy but I still love him. We had a photoshoot the other night!

CUTCUTCUT for mooore!Collapse )

Sooo I'm about to go see Hannah Montana with my niece :) There's a theatre right down my street that is really cheap so we're gonna walk there, she's soo excited.

Then Shane's band has a show tonight at the Phantasy. It's a pretty big one so I'm excited for them. It should be a good night.
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